I see the curtains go down, the glaze in her eyes, empty she is now my other sister.

She becomes the bull and I, I am the red cape dangled in front of her nose.

 She knows she can hit me, bite me, scratch me, shout at me.  She throws punches, she throws words.  She knows that this will not make me run.  I will stand, I will take it.

 Sometimes I crack, when the punch is too hard or the scratch breaks my skin and I see red.

 I hit her, I bite her, I scratch her, I shout at her.  I throw punches, I throw words.  I know that this will not make her run.  She will stand, She will take it.

 We break each others skin,
our skin.
Her blood is my blood,
we came from the same.
She knows that I am her other.
The only one who will love her for her hate,
we came from the same.

 Days will pass and no words are spoken between us,
and if the silence is broken
only words of hate will reach our ears,
for we know those words of hate are words of love,
those words of hate are anger and fear,
emotions we can only project to one another,
for we both know those words are disguised
we could not speak them if we did not love,
that after they where spoken,
days after they where spoken we would still love,

love each other.

I had a talk with my sister today, and i felt the impulse to write.  So i opened a word document and this came out.  I don’t know what you’d call it, a piece or writing, poem, or whatever.  All i know is its something I’m proud of, and explains an aspect of my sister and I’s relationship to a tee.

I don’t want to go…


I’ve only got 3 weeks left here in Canada, and surprisingly it’s really making me sad.  The thought of going home isn’t filling me with excitement, which i was expecting, but instead I have a heavy feeling in my stomach.  
I know in a few posts back I was slagging Canada off, but i was struggling and I knew It would only be a phase.
I’ve finished uni now, so I’m happy that I will get to enjoy Canada without any distractions (apart from my really painful wrist, but we won’t get into that).
Hopefully going home won’t be as bad as I’m thinking it is, but for some reason I feel it will be.

Canada why can’t I live here forever?


I’ve already ticked quite a few things off my ‘bucket list’ this year, and one of the most poignant was visiting New York City.

It was a short but yet ever so sweet trip to the city that never sleeps but my friend and I managed to pack in as much sight seeing as humanly possible.

Our hotel was 2 blocks away from Times Square so we were in a tourists ‘sweet spot’.  Seeing as we were so close the first thing we did was go and see what all the fuss was about, and lets just say the fuss is made for a reason.  We experienced it first at night which I recommend for everyone and the next day we visited during daylight hours and although still impressive it did not hold the same magic and feeling the lights completely surround you in the dark.  Times Square id exciting, it’s filled with people, tourists, officials and the people of New York who make a living off the tourists.


The shops and restaurants that surround Times Square are also a marvel to behold, with an impressive Toys’R’Us which we managed to lose a few hours in.  Its also worth a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe, we went for an early lunch to avoid the ridiculously long queues in the afternoons evenings (you could be waiting for a table for hours).

I also visited Central Park, shopped down Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, Lunched in Trump Tower, Cultured ourselves at the MoMa, were fantastically entertained at the broadway musical ‘Wicked” and visited the unbelievably impressive 9/11 Memorial.



I also went up the Empire State Building.  I have to say the buildings exterior doesn’t match up to my imagination but I could still appreciate how beautiful it would have been when it was first built.  We decided to venture up the the top at around 11pm (it’s open until 2am).  It had to be one of the best decisions we made.  The queues were non-existent at this time and the views at night are spectacular.  The cities lights can be seen for miles and it looks like a moving picture.  After such an amazing trip something had to go wrong and it wasn’t until I was up at the very top that i realised I had left my cameras memory card in my laptop back at the hotel room.  Queue heart sinking feeling.  But I tried not to let that dampen my experience and let The view of NYC soak in without my ritualistic need to take photos of everything.  It just means I’m going to have to go back one day so I can get the pictures I didn’t get this time round.

After the fully loaded 2 days we were quite exhausted, just writing about it all is making my feet hurt again.  The fleeting trip had definitely wetted my appetite to visit again, and again.

Until next time New York.


Oh, Canada.

I think I have arrived at a stalemate with Canada.

I love it here, I love the place and how different it is to home, the people are nice and I don’t have many real complaints.  Apart from the fact Canada doesn’t stock spray on deodorants!  It just comes down to the fact theres no place like home.  I’m surprised I have managed to last this long without a taint of wanting to go home.  Knowing me however I’m just panicking about how I only have 3 weeks of my 3rd year in university left.  Finals are coming up and I’m struggling with project ideas…but I’ll just have a freak out today and get back to work tomorrow.

You got this Keely!